Instructions for the continuous mode

Establishment of drainage system

 Clean the wound. Use antiseptic, if required. Cut the required size of dressing sponge for wounds and put it into the wound bed. Cut the required size of surgical operation film and seal the wound chamber by applying the adhesive layer of film facing the wound dressing sponge and wound. Additionally, seal the dressing by pressing with your fingers over the entire dressing area. Using scissors and scalpel make a hole in the center of dressing with a diameter of 2 cm. Take the drainage port and install it on the dressing hole. Connect the drainage port to the container installed in the wound treatment device. If you need to change the length of tubes, use the adapter (input/output) from a set of consumables.

Device operation in continuous mode

 Step 1 Turn on the device using the power button.

 Step 2 Select “Continuous Mode”.

 Step 3 Set the negative pressure level using arrows or slider.

 Step 4 To save the settings, click the “save” button.

 Step 5 To start operation, click the “start” button.

 Device started to set a negative pressure; after achieving a set pressure of +10 units of mm Hg, the device switches off and maintains a set pressure in the wound, until the pressure achieves - 10 units of mm. Hg of a set pressure. Operating cycle is repeated.

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