VIT Mobil Plus

Mobile device for vacuum instillation therapy



  Weight: 600 g
  Overall dimensions:  145х124х90 mm / 145х124х108 mm
  Container size: 400 ml/ 700 ml
  Battery life: 15 hours
  negative pressure: 10 mmHg - 300 mmHg
  Operating modes: continuous, intermittent, insillation
  Screen diagonal: 2.8”
Continuous mode is intended for the continuous control of set negative pressure level for a long period of time in order to stimulate a blood circulation in the area of wound, remove wound fluid and maintain a humid environment in wound bed.
Variable mode includes a cyclic switching between two pressure levels for the given time intervals. This mode additionally stimulates granulation, ensuring a mechanical stimulation of wound bed (“massage effect”), better stimulation of blood circulation and tissue oxygenation process.
Instillation mode combines a vacuum wound therapy (variable mode) and medicinal solution supply into the wound chamber. Significant advantages in comparison the traditional vacuum wound treatment are achieved due to operation in three consecutive phases (Vacuum, Solution supply, Solution exposure).
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