About Us

VIT Medical was established in 2017. The company develops and manufactures devices for vacuum-instillation therapy, which are an alternative to traditional dressings (bandages, dressings), exceeding traditional products by 3-4 times in efficiency. The solution that the company implements competes favorably with the most modern foreign developments. The solution developed by the company allows not only to create a vacuum in the wound, but also to deliver the medcal solution to the wound according to the mechanism specified by the doctor. The use of a wide range of devices allows you to close all the needs for the treatment of wounds, solutions for equipping operating rooms and for outpatient practice, when the patient continues to receive highly qualified medical care without the need for daily visits to the doctor.
In addition, VIT Medical is developing a technological platform for the treatment of wounds with a focus on treatment outside the hospital. The technology of vacuum therapy of wounds perfectly fits into the doctrine of remote treatment and telemedicine, since the method is one of the few that can significantly reduce the need for a doctor in the process, and due to the presence of sensors, remote monitoring of the treatment process is acceptable. In addition, the environment created by the vacuum therapy of wounds is ideal for the most advanced biodegradable coatings.
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